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Introducing the exclusive collection of Inscribed Pendants - a distinctive addition to the Red Earth range.


These pendants merge the timeless beauty of words with the elegance of jewellery, resulting in a practical and wearable piece for everyone.

Crafted from marine-grade steel, each pendant is engraved with words of personal significance, creating a lasting and meaningful gift for both men and women.

20 - Inscribed Engraved Pendant (37) - Grace Serenity Strength.jpg
19 - Inscribed  (23).jpg

For men, these pendants exude strength and durability, designed to withstand the rigors of daily life. For ladies, the smaller pendant offers a delicate yet enduring accessory that complements any outfit.

Whether it's a message chosen by a loved one or a child’s handwriting forever etched into steel, each inscription is deeply personal and uniquely special.

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